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Amazon Product Research | US, UK & EU Marketplaces | 5+ Years of Experience

Hi there!

My name's Phil and I specialize in product research.

Over the past five years I have assisted hundreds of private label sellers in finding highly profitable products throughout all kinds of categories and marketplaces.

I'll do this by using a variety of software tools such as JungleScout, Helium 10, Google Trends and Merchant Words. My approach is data driven, detail-oriented and highly effective. I'll tear through the data to find the most lucrative, in-demand products with low levels of competition.

To get the most accurate results, I'll take a close look at seasonality, selling price, weight, market depth, dispersion of sales and a range of other factors. I'm also able to adjust to a client's unique set of search parameters.

I will fully assist with your product research tasks so that you can focus on the most important thing: your company's growth.

I have helped countless private labels sellers with finding products and can do the same for you.

Let's get in touch today.


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He can be trusted and that is a BIG deal to me. Thank you