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❌ - Are your listings not converting well?

❌ - Are your listings not keyword optimized?

❌ - Are you having trouble doing product research?

❌ - Is your copywriting professionally written to convert?

► The Listing Optimizer is here to help - ✅ I am a 6 figure Amazon seller serving third party sellers in the Market place.

⭐More Traffic ► More Conversions ► More Sales⭐

⭐What I do....⭐

✅ Extensive Keyword Research ► I provide advanced keyword research reports to my clients with exact and broad search terms volumes. It is highly important to be using the right keywords for Amazon's A9 algorithm if you want to rank properly on Amazon.

✅ Advanced Product Research ► I research products for my clients based on the criteria provided by the cilents category, brand, sales volume, competition, you name it. The most important part of generating sales on amazon is to have the right product that is in demand. 

✅ High Converting Copy Writing ► Based on my clients niche, category, or brand. I create a high converting listing that is fully keyword optimized. Starting with the title, the five bullet points, the description, as well I will provide my clients with the back end keywords and subject matter they will need in order to gain recognition with Amazon's A9 algorith.

✅ Spy on Competitors Key Words ► I will spy on competitor keywords for my clients, that way it will allow my clients to know which keywords to target and to compete for.


⭐ - Increase Traffic

✅ - High Converting Listing

► - Optimized Key Words

⭐ - Have the Right Product

⏱️ - Save Time

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Rob was fantastic - a complex project and really pleased with the end result!


Lots of different product ideas, happy to take on questions and discuss options...will consider him again in the future!


Very fast, professional and helpful!