Passive Income Consulting Co.

Passive Income Consulting Co.

Passive Income Consulting Co. is a US Based company that helps it's clients create wealth through methods of passive income. We believe that anyone can generate the revenue they wish through platforms such as

We specialize in private label product research and developing online businesses with these successful products.

If you choose to use our services, you'll be able to keep in contact with our consulting managers throughout your transaction. Read about our current PICC advisors below.


Sean: E-commerce Sales Channel Specialist

- Personally generated over $150,000 in revenue in 2019 on Amazon and Shopify platforms

- 3 years experience as an Amazon Seller

- 3 years experience Amazon FBA / sales channel expansion consulting

- Helped clients generate 6 and 7 figures in E-commerce revenue in the last year.

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Sean is great to work with and he is always open to suggestions. I needed him to revise the list of products and he did it quickly, no questions asked. He keeps you updated throughout the process which also helps! I definitely recommend him.


3 products that I would never have found and all 3 are worth exploring further.

Highly recommend Sean and the Team at Passive Income Consulting.

Passive Income Consulting Co.