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What if there was a company that has written over 5,500 product listings on Amazon with a knack for optimizing listings, including European marketplaces?

Right off the bat, you’d be assured they know what they’re doing. It’s challenging to find a well-versed SEO writing service these days. But what makes it difficult is the lack of SEO and copywriting experts you can trust with your product. So, when you encounter a team that has helped thousands of clients launch their product successfully, you’d know you’ve come to the right place. And that could very well be OJ Digital Solutions.

⚫ Here’s How OJ Digital Solutions is Changing the Game in Copywriting a Fully Optimized Amazon Product Listing

Why do people choose product A over product B? It’s quite simple actually—people believed product A’s story. When browsing, people become motivated to buy when they feel a positive emotion. Let’s say you’re buying a pair of running shoes. One seller told you a story about how the shoes are tailored to fit your every stride and step, increasing the likelihood of you finishing first in a race. On the other hand, the other seller simply enumerated the shoes’ materials and where it was made. Which one are you more likely to buy?

But in the cutthroat world of Amazon, a compelling story is the bare minimum. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of sellers might be selling a similar product to what you offer. The platform is home to sellers with thousands of stories to tell. Even if you offer the world’s most awesome pair of shoes, if your target market doesn’t see it, it’s all for naught.

⚫ A Fully Optimized Amazon Listing: The Power of Three

Every product has its own unique selling proposition (USP). If you can communicate your product’s USP to your target market, the more likely you can separate yourself from the rest of your competitors. You can showcase all your product’s testimonials and write the most compelling story, but if you don’t have an audience, no one will see your awesome product. At the end of the day, you still need to put your product out there or else, you won’t make any money!

Now that’s why optimizing an Amazon listing is a must. But why do very few brands do it?

Most companies and Amazon sellers fail to optimize their product listing because it typically needs the hands of more than one person. You’ll need a copywriter, an editor, and an SEO expert who knows how to use optimization tools to plug in the right keywords. It’s either you hire these people separately or find someone who knows how to do them all (they’re unicorns, though).

But what if you’re a new Amazon seller and you don’t have the money to pay for the services of three different people? And if you do have the budget, how can you be sure that the copywriter you hired knows how to incorporate an SEO expert’s high-yielding keywords into a seamless and benefit-driven copy?

⚫ Your Amazon Listing’s Success: Starts with 3 Basic Steps

One or two out of these three simply won’t cut it. Here’s why: Copywriters with scarce experience in Amazon may not be able to make the keywords sound natural in your listing’s Title, Bullet Points, and Product Description or Enhanced Brand Content.

Another point of concern in constructing a fully optimized listing is the keyword research of the SEO specialist. Are they using the right tools? Do they provide you with clear instructions on how to utilize them? How did they arrive with the keywords they gave you, and how can you know they’re the best?

This is where the editor comes in. They play a critical role in making sure that the creative copy of the writer beautifully combines with the technical input of the SEO expert—their work results in the successful marriage of both.

⚫ Every Amazon Seller’s Dream: More Done in Less Time

Now, think about the turnaround time. Let’s say you just asked your SEO expert for a list of keywords to be used in your product listing. You’ll wait for a few hours before you get them.

You then forward those keywords to a copywriter to write the actual listing. To maintain high quality, it’s always wise to allow 24 hours of writing time.

Once done, you still need to send the material to an editor before it goes live. This step can take as short as a couple of hours if the person works exclusively for you. Otherwise, it can be days.

Each step pushes your launch date back further than you anticipated. Meanwhile, your inventory sits in the Amazon warehouse, untouched.

And the most annoying thing is realizing the entire process needs your participation, despite having outsourced the work to three different people. Can’t you just sit back and relax, or devote your time and energy on product R&D while the listing is being constructed?

You must beat your competitors in telling the most compelling story to the greatest number of people with the least effort on your part, and in the shortest time possible. The only solution is a streamlined process involving all the experts you will ever need.

That’s what OJ Digital Solutions exactly offers.

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