Jessica - OJ Digital Solutions

Jessica - OJ Digital Solutions

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Traffic ► More Conversions ► More Sales

✅ Ready to Increase Visitors?

To maximize your sales, you need traffic on your product page. After all, the copy can’t work its magic if no one sees it! I include special keywords – each one works to ensure you are ranked higher in the search results.

✅ Ready to Boost Conversions?

People are visiting your product page – great! Now we need to convert the visitors into customers. By utilizing benefit-driven copy, we can persuade people to buy from you and not your competitor. With amazing copy, comes amazing results!

✅ Ready to Increase Revenue?

More visitors = More conversions = More money. A professional listing will make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A worthwhile investment. Having a copywriter is a major asset when looking for E-Commerce success – don’t be left behind.

►►► What I Do…

► Extensive Research – I research your product, brand, customers, and competition. It’s my job to get inside the mind of your ideal customer. I need to discover their pains and their desires. This allows me to write copy that speaks directly to your audience – triggering their emotions, persuading them to buy.

► Copywriting – Now it’s time to create a custom Amazon listing for your product! Bullet point copy and product description copy – using proven techniques to persuade people to buy and separate you from the competition.

► SEO – Using the best software on the market, I find the perfect keywords for your product. I cleverly implement these keywords into the copy, meaning you’ll have a description that can be read by humans and robots alike.

My Guarantee – Not 100% happy with your Amazon description? I’ll re-write it for you at no extra cost.

If you are ready to make an investment today, for the success of your business tomorrow, then do get in touch.

► Select the package you need, click on the Order button, and let’s take your Amazon listing to the next level!

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They wrote good amazon listings and get back to fast when you provide feedback for revision. Already did 2 listings with Jessica. Recommend!


amazing work by Jessica again

Johan about listing Custom Order for Johan 4 days ago.

Great service, just what I needed! Will be using their services again soon!

Jessica - OJ Digital Solutions