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I'm Simon from Buffalo, New York.

Four years ago, I started selling on Amazon. Back then, I was studying copywriting in an online entrepreneurship course. When I created my first Amazon listing, I realized the potential for merging old school direct-response sales copy with the new world of eCommerce.

This led me down the rabbit hole.

First, I learned everything Amazon tells us about creating a product details page. Then, I studied what the experts had to say in courses like the Amazing Selling Machine. I gained more experience by writing product descriptions for people on Fiverr. After hundreds of hours of research and experience, I launched my own website.

I found professional copywriters online and taught them the complexities of writing for an Amazon listing. We partnered up to write over 377 listings for a variety of sellers. Now, as I scale back to focus on building my own Amazon brand, I am available to write for your Amazon listing.

I am thrilled to provide this service on the new Jungle Market!

Check out my website to learn more:

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