If you need help getting your e-commerce business off the ground (or improving on what you have already), then look no further.

I have extensive experience on Amazon's European & US Marketplaces, including:

- Writing high quality product listings, which convert

- Product research and sourcing

- Amazon Seller Central 'back-end' tasks

- Amazon PPC campaigns

I started freelancing after building up my own successful Amazon business, around my two young children. I truly believe Amazon is a great opportunity to work for yourself, or around a full-time job. It’s given me a lot of freedom and flexibility and I want to help others to achieve the same.

Getting started on Amazon (or any other online platform) is a learning curve. There are definitely plenty of resources out there - but it takes time to learn and mistakes can be costly. If you hire me to take care of a task (be it big or small) you can free up your time and know that your job is in safe hands.

I’ve also been told that I’m nice to work with - but since I work for myself you’ll have to take my word on that!

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Very informative and incredibly useful. She is very professional and it would be a pleasure to work with her in the future.

Aurimas about listing One hour of Amazon consultancy 3 months ago.
Irving  5

Great communication! Loved her work!


Vicki is very nice and patient listening to all my questions and try to explain in detail. After one hour training, I have learnt so many things from her since it can be a bit tough to get start Amazon business being a new seller here. She is great! ~

I am sure I will have more questions down to the road and will contact Vicki again for help! ~


Hua about listing One hour of Amazon consultancy 5 months ago.