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Zoltan Gero

Zoltan Gero

I'm az Amazon FBA business owner and a Kindle publisher.

I offer standardized procedures without surprises and standard pre-packaged prices.

We always start with a kick-off call.

I can help you with a few things, please see my offers:

1. Getting Reviews - Amazon ToS legal Reviews with Manychat sequence, Emails and a review tool - yes, it's 100% legal and you build a real audience, you don't get hijackers and you notify your audience about your next product - how awesome is that?

2. A/B Testing, Copywriting, Product Listing based on Keyword Research

3. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns and Keyword Research

I help you on Amazon and beyond, building a real brand and real assets.

If you have any doubts, please ask. Happy Selling!

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Zoltan Gero