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Find Your Competitor Top Search Terms

WHAT IS IT: The complete list of the top search terms (keywords) your top 5 competitors are using.

WHY BUY IT: After carefully analyzing your listing and running our own keyword research and ASIN reverse-searching tools, we'll be able to provide you with the keywords your competitors are currently using for up to 5 listings, so you can increase your search visibility and beat the competition!

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: A spreadsheet with:
- the top keywords your top 5 competitors are targeting
- the top keywords your top 5 competitors are ranking for
- the Google AdWords search volume estimation for these keywords

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Requirements needed to get started
- The link to your Amazon listing
- The links to your top 5 competitor listings (if you don't know them, we can identify them for you)
Competitors researched
5 competitors researched
Keywords included
Extras included
Long Tail Keywords
Competitor Keywords
Information Keywords
Keyword Report
Delivery time
Up to 3 days