Product Photography

Need your product shot better than a cell phone?  Amazon/Ebay need it on a white background?  I use professional lights and a 4K camera to create professional shots of products then cut them out in Photoshop so they will look perfect on the sellers webpage.
Requirements needed to get started
All I need from you is the product and a brief description of how you want it to look.

In most cases that's 1 money shot.  The main shot of your product in full that shows up first on your product listing page.

Then most people need at least 2-4 other shots of the product; closeups, unique features, product label, etc.

Number of images
3 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Do I get reimbursed for postage?  No, unfortunately unless you can hand deliver it to me you must pay the postage.

Do I get my product back?  No, not unless you pay for it to be returned.  In most cases its to your benefit to just leave it with me as it becomes a marketing tool.

Do you do photoshop cleanup of a product.  Yes, with in reason.  A simple cleanup is always done to make the product look the best.  If more work is needed then another price will have to be negotiated.

Can I get the picture cut out and sent back to me with an alpha channel/PNG?  Yes, if you need them cut out and then sent back so that you can then put them on any background you want, that is no problem.

Do I get the PSD file?  Yes, if requested.

How many products can I send at once?  As many as you want, but a price for each product in the box will have to be made.  It will also take longer to take multiple pictures and edit them.

How quickly can I get the product shot?  If your in a rush I can do it in 24 hrs.  If you need it quicker than that we'll have to charge a rush fee.