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Registration for Brand Registry on One Brand

Hello Jungle Scout!

My name is Adam Wilkens and I own Dotcom Reps LLC. I have owned/managed one of the most prominently manufacturers rep agencies for Amazon on the East Coast. I am on page #1 of google!

In my 10+ years experience selling on Amazon I lived through the creation of Brand Services, and have been using brand registry since its first iteration - Brand Registry v1. We are now on V2.

I have registered dozens of brands on Amazon through seller services. If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to get started I can help!

By ordering this package I will do the following for you:

1) Register your brand with Brand Registry for one store either vendor central or seller central, and in one country (IE - 

2) Assign multiple users role access to Brand Registry.

3) Walk you through registering yourself as a user.

4) Syncing your seller + brand registry account if needed. 

5) Explaining what you can and cannot do with Brand Registry and how to file tickets and or complaints. 

NOTE - This service does not include a catalog refresh. In some cases seller central may ask you to upload a partial or full update of your item creation forms in order to link the ASINS to the brand. 

Typical turn around time is 3-5 days. Generally speaking there are a few days of coordination and retrieval of a code from your registering agent. The approval process from registration to finalization can take a few days. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 
Requirements needed to get started
Send me a message and I will provide the necessary information. To begin please send me the following:

1) Business Name, Address, Phone, Email for your primary seller account, Fax #.

2) Country of manufacturer. 

3) Countries you sell your products in. 

4) Trademark Registration Country. 

5) You will need your trademark registration # for all word marks. For design mark registrations you will need the registration number, jpg logo filed with the USPTO, images of the product and or packaging. 

6) Access to your registration agent to retrieve codes via email. 

7) Are you selling on seller central, vendor central, or both? 

8) Please provide seller central merchant ID (merchant token) or vendor central vendor code. If Vendor Central please provide an Admins Name and Email address. 
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions