Amazon Product Listing Optimization - GOLD PACK

Only 10% of customers look beyond Page 3 on Amazon. Maximizing keyword exposure is the right way to increase ranking and conversions!
Our expert Amazon copywriters conduct in-depth product, market, and keyword research to get inside the mind of your customers. They then brilliantly marry sales-inducing language with the most relevant keywords for your product.
Our proven approach maximizes your listing’s visibility in search results and increases the on-page conversion rate.
Our backend optimization process is one of the most accurate in the industry! We have studied the major factors impacting keywords relevancy in the eyes of Amazon algorithm and NOW we know exactly what to do in order to get a perfect optimized backed. 

GOLD PACKAGE includes:

·     POWERFUL PRODUCT TITLE:  Show up in search and convince shoppers to click. Our copywriters build powerful titles designed to maximize keyword exposure and conversion.
·      PRECISELY CRAFTED BULLET POINTS :  Expertly designed bullet points beautifully accentuate your product’s key selling points and contribute to increasing keyword exposure in organic search.
·      INFORMATION-RICH PRODUCT DESCRIPTION :No more missing sales for lack of product information. Our expert copywriters provide everything shoppers are looking for in a clean, clear approach.
·      THOROUGH BACKEND SEARCH TERMS :  Most sellers get their backend search terms wrong. But our copywriters provide thorough and strategic search term suggestions so you can get it right.

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Requirements needed to get started
For best results, please provide this information:

I. Your ASIN number (if your listing is active on Amazon) : 

II. Order details :

1) WHAT is your product? WHO is your target buyer? WHY should people buy it over someone else's?

2) Your Brand Name. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee ?

3) Your competitors' listings you like the most. Clarify if their product is exactly the same with yours.

III. Listing Preferences :

If you want us to write in a specific style, follow a predetermined format or approach, it must be mentioned here. For example:

•Do you prefer long or short text for each section of the listing?
•Facts/grounded or sales pitch? Or something in the middle?

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