What is ‘The Ultimate Product Launch Strategy’?

A Simple Guided Execution Plan To launching Your New or Existing Products and taking them from Zero to Page 1 on Amazon. 

Coming up with a launching strategy or even trying to figure out what steps to execute to get your existing product making more sales can be overwhelming…or you might lose a lot of money applying tactics that not longer work... BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.
This step-by-step execution plan will show you exactly how to catapult your Amazon listing on to that desired Page 1 of Amazon. It is built on proven-to-worktactics used by Top 5% Amazon sellers.  
*** If you don't find the information presented useful or if you already knew all the info  presented in the guide, we offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No questions asked!!!
What you'll Get:
1. The Ultimate Strategy on How to find the Best keywords you will need to rank for. 
·     HOW TO find your MAIN KEYWORDS and how to read their metrics. In depth analysis! 
·     HOW TO find your LONG TAILS (secondary keywords) and how to eliminate the irrelevant ones. In some cases the secondary keywords will be more importantthan the MAIN KEYWORD(s) !
·     HOW TO analyze the overall metrics and decide your next steps. Finding the most efficient keywords in terms of generating revenue and ranking costs.
2. The ultimate strategy on how to set up your backend fields. 
·     HOW to professionally fill in your backend fields in Seller Central. 
·     WHAT keywords you should use and WHERE to put them for the highest RELEVANCY!
3. The ultimate strategy on how to rank your product to Page 1, TOP 5 positions
·     HOW TO build your Ranking Strategy Budget. The exact calculations!!!
·      14 Days ACTION PLAN for a successful ranking process. 
·     The exact daily steps to be followed to reach Page 1, Top 5 positions.
4. Additional strategies you can apply to increase your sales volume. 
·     TOP RATED Strategies you can apply to increase/maintain your sales volume.
*** NOTE: Due to its high valuable content, you will need to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) in order to receive this GUIDE.  You are not allowed to share it with others. Its value is way to high so I am not allowing it to be shared !
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