The wow factor. Special limited offer.

The details can kill you. I bring 32+ years of big-budget, national agencies, eyeballs here.

Creative Directors see way more than photographers and clients do. It's our job. It's what we get paid to do. I don't use plug-ins that make people look like illustrations or fake bubble gum posters. Sadly, most retouchers are not photographers. They over sharpen, and the images look fake. I use my eyes, my experience, and knowing what to look for. I see ALL THE STUFF that needs to be corrected. And, I can help you pick the right image from the photoshoot. More about me:

Some of the things that I do on all my client's images:
White Balance-adjust if necessary
Skin tones- create natural tones 
Smoothing -for realistic images 
Blemish removal 
Whitening teeth 
Enhancing iris 
Removing unwanted dust, hairs, scratches
Background knockouts if the client requests

Requirements needed to get started
Email me directly on the specifics. Email your files to my FTP link- preferably raw files, or high resolution .jpgs. Please email me about what you want to correct, and I will assess (and most likely find things you didn't see). We Discuss, determine the time and delivery date. More than one image? I do offer discounts for several photos.

Editing type
Retouching & Enhancement
Number of images
1 image included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
Why choose Me?
My eyeballs
I know what to look for 
Creative Director, Art Director, 
Photographer for 32+ years 
I learned from the best in the business 
I offer one level of retouching Excellent 
not just ok, good or great.

I teach retouching/editing:

What type of files can be edited?
I can edit JPEG images. However, it is recommended you send RAW images for photo retouching/editing because retouching with more pixels will produce a better file with a broader color range.

What file format will I be receiving?
High-resolution JPEG, or convert to best image possible for web usage. Let me know.

Do you offer special discounts for more than one image? 
Yes, I offer an adjusted rate based on the number of images. We discuss, and I will send you a quote.

Is there anything you do not do?
I will not retouch Adult material, illegal content, or copyrighted logos. I only retouch "client-owned" unlimited usage, images. Alternatively, a licensed agreement image from a photographer sold to you with shooters approval.