Amazon Listing Optimization | The Q4 Sale | $300 service

When Q4 arrives, Amazon sales explode

At least, they do if your listing is completely optimized and firing on all cylinders. Are you worried that you might miss out on one of the most profitable times of the year? We'll hand you the solution.

On Jungle Market, we have a Premium Listing Optimization service available for $300. We spend a lot of time crafting listings for our clients, and so we take up to 1-week to get everything just right. Our ambition is to provide the best service on the market and this is reflected in our fee.

But with Q4 fast approaching, we have decided to give a handful of you a taste of our service by running a rare sale. We're scraping a massive 70% off our asking price to hand a lucky few our Optimization service for just $90.

Wondering what you will receive? Here's an extract taken from our Premium listing:

SEO Optimised Title that conveys the best aspects of your product that demands clicks!

5 Benefit Driven Bullet Points from our Copywriting Team that engage the audience and focuses on how your product will benefit their life!

Story Telling HTML Description that educates the customer about the importance of your brand, the finer details of your product while utilising more keywords!

Researched & Relevant Backend Search Terms to boost your listing up through Amazon’s marketplace to get your product in front of more customers!

You can read the full listing here: 

This sale will expire once a handful of users claim one of our open positions, so act now to seize this opportunity! 

We strongly recommend that you get in touch before ordering and sharing with us a link to your product. We will provide an initial analysis to inform you of the impact our team will have on your listings and potential sales!
Requirements needed to get started
Please strongly consider sending us a message before placing an order. Share with us your listing (full address) and we can provide an audit to reveal the impact our optimization can achieve for you.
Focus keywords
3 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 7 days
Frequently asked questions
1. Want to know more about our experience?

We are a team of experienced Private Label sellers. We have our own successful products on Amazon which are profitable and rank highly on the first page for our main keywords. We've since worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve the same results!

2. Wondering if you can send us your Listing before making a purchase?

Of course you can - in fact, we encourage it! We are happy to provide a quick, honest audit to inform you whether we can benefit your product listing before you make any purchasing decisions.

3. Can we optimise Product Listings in every category?

As our team understand all of Amazon's A10 algorithm, we are able to apply our copywriting abilities to complete optimised Listings in all of Amazon's categories!

4. What information we need from you

All you need to provide us with is the ASIN / URL to your product listing! We will take care of the rest. If you haven't created your Listing yet, then provide us with as many pictures and information that you can. We will use this to create your listing for you!

5. How many words we will write for your Optimised Listing

We write exactly the right amount for each section of your listing. The title & bullets are more condensed, but we use as much of the description as we can to boost your ranking potential!

6. Can we upload the complete Optimised Listing to your ASIN for you?

Yes, we can! Save your time by selecting at the checkout 'Upload to Amazon' and we'll complete the process for you!