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New Client Introductory Rate

In a virtual world, Amazon's product detailed page listings really matters…a lot. It's just like the old adage, you only have 1 chance to make a first impression. With over 100MM Prime Members on Amazon, first impressions do matter...a lot.
I’m a master product marketer and I understand e-commerce content.  
I’ve written hundreds of detailed page listings and watched sessions increase and conversion rates double. I’ll turn your page into an online selling tool. I’ll research the most effective keywords to reach potential customers and then strategically place these words to increase page rankings, sessions, and sales.  
Message me to start a dialogue to increase sales and close the deal together. 

 Package for 1 ASIN includes:
1. Title
2. Bullets x5
3. Description
4. Backend Keywords (up to 10) 
Requirements needed to get started
 Product Information
~Sell Sheets, Collateral Material, Specifications, Testing Reports (if available)
~Features and Benefits
~Positioning / Product Differentiator 
~Target Audience
~Link to current listing (if available)
  Brand or Company Information

~Company website URL (if available)

  Competitive Landscape
~Top competitors (brand, website, product name) 
~Any keywords or search terms already used 

Delivery time
Up to 3 days