SKYROCKET Product Rank W/ Back-End Keywords | Amazon SEO

Get the best back-end keywords for your Amazon listing.

I have launched hundreds of listings, and having the proper back-end keywords can be the difference between ranking #1 or #85.

Whether your listing is already active or a draft, having the proper SEO keywords can always push your listing to the top.

What's included?

  1. 250-bytes of SEO back-end keywords
  2. Real customer keywords derived from Jungle Scout, and Helium10 (misspellings, long-tail kw, and more)
  3. Highly-relevant keywords to reinforce your listing SEO, and overcome competitors
  4. Increase your chances of ranking in the "frequently bought together" and other organic placements
  5. Allow Amazon bot to crawl your listing, and understand your product better

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Requirements needed to get started
Listing ASIN only.

Focus keywords
More than 10 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
3 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q- How to upload the back-end keywords?

Logging into the Amazon Seller Central account,

  1. Click the ‘Inventory’ tab in the top header
  2. From the list of active products on Amazon, click on the ‘Edit’ on the extreme right.
  3. It opens the seller backend ‘Edit Product Info’ screen and automatically you ’ll arrive at the ‘Offer’ tab.
  4. Click on the ‘Keywords’ tab. Here you will find the “Search Terms” section.