Special Order - KEI - Raw Video Content with one Model

Shots of water test with one model to be captured 1080p - 24p - .MOV and uploaded via Dropbox.

1. beauty shot similar to attached. If you can come up with different shot compositions and placement of the pieces, that'll be great so I can use it in multiple areas of the video.
2. show three types of tests
3. show a shot of the instruction
4. remove the strip from the packaging
5. dip it in water
6. shake off the excess water on the strip
7. compare strip to the color chart
8. Open the lid of the bacteria container
9. fill it up with water
10. shake the container vigorously
11. set it a safe spot
12. show a shot of the container after you shook it.
13. Open the lead bag
14. Shot of water coming out of the pipette to the vial
15. Drop the lead strip
15. compare the lead with the instructions with the lead after 10 minutes.
16. shot of woman filling up a glass using the kitchen sink
17. shot of a woman drinking the water and looking content knowing it's safe to drink.

*with multiple takes on each one 

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