Put Your Product In Front Of The World With Google Ads

Amazon Sellers should Think More Creatively and Learn From Marketers than Other Amazon Sellers.
What are other Amazon Sellers saying When It comes to External Traffic?
It is Powerful for sure, but there are better ways.

Did you know....?
Less than 5% of Amazon sellers are utilizing Google Ads as a source of external traffic Chanel to their PL product.

  • Google PPC
  • Re-Targeting
  • Display Network, Etc.

Google Ads Hit the Population Of the World every single day, At least once

Use Google's Powerful custom audience like "Custom intent" and "custom Affinity" and put your product in front of ready-to-buy people.
  • Add in a list of all your competitor websites and other things your customers might be looking for.
  • Once you have these up, you can show on YouTube, etc. They are just based on what they are researching. You don’t need to pay $2 to be in front of people, but you need to figure out if they are in the market, based on their search behavior.

  • Re-targeting: you need to do your research. Figure out the customer buying journey.
    • When do they need your product?
    • What do they search for when buying your product?
    • Get a list of 50 useful websites
    • Get 100 outstanding products
    • You need the right creatives – have five completely different. 

You have this Cheatsheet to go and sacrifice it yourself, but if you like a Pro, take care of this, then you came to the right place.
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