Amazon PPC Management & Optimization (30 Days)

We can help you in optimizing the product campaigns and also in maintaining it on a monthly basis. After the monthly service, if you would want us to continue, we can then set up a quarterly or yearly plan, based on your requirements.

Service Includes:
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis 
  • Keyword Analysis 
  • Increasing Sales 
  • Lowering ACoS 
Requirements needed to get started
  1. Product ASIN
  2. Competitors' product ASINS 
  3. Your final goal
  4. Access to your Advertisements Campaigns
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
"I want my ACoS to be low as possible"

Low ACoS isn't always the goal. When launching a product, your goal is to get a higher ranking for the most searched and relevant keywords, which will eventually increase your organic sales. In this case, focusing on a low ACoS as the main goal would be wrong. 

"Does optimizing PPC on a daily basis guarantee better sales and a lower ACoS?"

The answer is yes and no. We will optimize your PPC campaigns in such ways that will use your budget wisely, not spending it on search terms that have low or negative conversion rate, and invest more in converting keywords. This will reduce ACoS and increase sales overtime. However, sponsored ads are just the gate to your listing. If your listing is not optimized (in terms of price, content and value to the customer), people will click the ad and leave right after - which lead to a higher ACoS. That is why we are here. Part of our services is content consulting and Graphic Design. We will give you ideas of how to improve your listing and then execute them. Adding those to the PPC optimization will reduce ACoS and increase your organic and sponsored sales.