AMZ Owes You Reimbursement Money, Let Me Help You With That

Why does Amazon owe 99% of sellers money?

**Feel free to message me to schedule a call on how the process works. :)

- Lost and Damaged Unit
  • Damaged inventory at the warehouse
  • A destroyed item without permission
  • Lost inventory at the warehouse
  • Carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit

- Refunds and Mishandled Returns
  • Improperly received or miscounted items
  • Failure to reimburse a return
  • Failure to issue 20% restocking fee
  • The refund was issued, but the customer never returned item

- Lost Inbound Shipment
  • Reimbursed you for less quantity
  • Reimbursement smaller than the item value
  • Issued a chargeback but didn't reimburse you
  • Failure to replace items back into inventory
Requirements needed to get started
You must be an Amazon Pro Seller, we’ll need you to authorize us with Amazon MWS API credentials to import all of your storefront data and add the case manager as a SellerCentral User.

Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
  • Is my information secure?

Yes, we are using Amazon’s infrastructure  (AWS) advanced encryption to store your information.

  • What is your fee?

I charge a simple flat $10 charge for JSM. Then we will charge a 25% commission on all successful reimbursements, including inventory reimbursements. To value a unit of inventory, we use the amount per unit value Amazon assigns.