Private Label Amazon Product Research

I have personally effectively introduced several private label products and am pleased to share my knowledge in product studies with you! Amazon FBA selling has really changed my life and I'd love to assist you to discover a product that can change yours!

You would get: Keyword Research + Niche Analysis+ Launch Strategy + Supplier Research+ 5 Product Research + Competitors Research + Brand Suggestion & Strategy

My Product Research Criteria will find a product that:
  • Average revenue over $3,000/m
  • Affordable product with no average price over $50
  • Competitors Analysis & Report (numbers, graphs, etc.).
  • Top Keywords Analyses & Report for Product Launch
  • Giveaway Units Report for successful Product Launch
  • Trending Report
  • Low competition, high profit
  • No legal or copyright issue.
  • No seasonality to make sales at any time of the year
  • Average Sales Price of $20 above
  • Size, weight, and fragility check to avoid hidden costs
  • Reviews less than 50
  • Low BSR
  • Sourcing ease from China

  • Personalize Excel file to calculate all the costs of your product launch to ensure you are reaching your profit margins
  • Free list of the top targeting keywords to add to the backend of your listing
  • Product research tools 50% discount code for first month & 10% lifetime discount (Helium10)
  • Contact Information to my personal designer & freight agent for exclusive deals

Requirements needed to get started
If you have a targeted niche you would like to focus on let us know. 
Private labeled products provided
5 private label products
9 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 14 days