PRO Amazon PPC Management (30 Days, 1 SKU)

Having an optimized and efficient PPC campaign in today's Amazon "jungle" is becoming exceedingly more critical for Amazon sellers.

Now that Amazon is well aware of Giveaways, and artificial sale methods, and even penalizes sellers for using these strategies, PPC is more critical than ever for ranking.

Don't waste your time and money with an advertiser that does not know Amazon. As a 7 figure Amazon seller myself who has consistently put out Best Sellers, and whose products are still regularly chosen as "Amazon's Choice", I know exactly how to analyze your product data and create a top-performing campaign on the first try.
Here's what I will do for you:
First I will talk with you to gather information about your product and the goals that you are looking to achieve by running PPC.

After that, I will begin thorough research for keywords, competitor analysis and do a deep dive into your previous campaigns(if any) to see where things have gone wrong. 

Your PPC campaign will then be set up by me in the context of your product being an individual with its own specific needs.(no two products have the exact same situation) Which includes the product's current situation, and your own short-term and/or long-term advertising objectives.

Once I receive your approval, I activate the campaign or multiple campaigns and closely keep an eye on them and optimize them for 30 Days, keeping in touch with you the entire time about progress and changes that I may make.

Requirements needed to get started
Requirements vary from product to product, and client to client. Please reach out to me to discuss your own product's specific needs, as well as your objectives so that we can get started right away.
Extras included
PPC Account Audit
Keyword Expansion
Search Term Expansion
Campaign Optimization
Monthly Progress Reports
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Why am I more expensive than other packages?
Well, It's like the saying goes "you get what you pay for". I am a professional Amazon seller who puts an exhaustive amount of time, research, and effort to ensure you get the absolute best quality PPC Campaigns to make you money continually.
Can you give advice or edit my existing PPC campaigns?
 Yes! Please reach out to me if you would like that, and I can draft up a custom order for you and your needs. 
What product categories do you advertise for?
I can create your top-performing advertising campaign no matter the category, all categories accepted.
 Do you write in languages other than English?
Unfortunately, I do not. At this time English is the only language that I am accepting admissions for.