File Canadian Sales Taxes for Non-Canadians (GST and HST)

If you already have registered to collect GST/HST in Canada I will help prepare your GST/HST return and submit it to the Canada Revenue Agency.

So what exactly will I do?

  • Walk you through the various reports to pull from amazon to send to me.
  • Double-check that your account is set up correctly and if not, will show you how to correct it asap.  I've seen so many sellers not do this correctly and end up paying the sales taxes out of their own pocket!
  • Calculate the correct GST/HST amounts owing.
  • File the return.
  • Become your representative accountant for the CRA if they have questions or concerns including audit support.

Requirements needed to get started
  • Company formation documents
  • CRA letter confirming registration and dates covered.
  • Authorization form signed for CRA
  • Reports and invoices which I will instruct you on how to provide them.
Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 5 days
Frequently asked questions
What is your experience?
-I am a Canadian CPA - Chartered Professional Accountant who specializes in online sellers.  I have a lot of clients who sell on amazon and understand not only the tax reporting requirements but also how amazon actually works.  We also sell on amazon for the past 4 years both on .ca and .com marketplaces so have a level of knowledge that makes us pretty unique and specialized.

Do I need to give you my Amazon login?
-Nope, I don’t require any of that.  I will complete the work but instruct you on what reports to pull from your account and send to me.