all videos automatically begin to play once 50% of the video is on screen, but the audio will not play unless the person seeing the video unmutes it. So if your video depends on audio, you’re going to need to add captions.

Show Product At The Start – When your video appears in search results, it appeared for a very specific reason; someone is searching for a similar product (or at least a closely related keyword if you set up your targeting correctly). So show your product right at the beginning, because that’s what they’re searching for and that’s what’s going to grab their attention.
Requirements needed to get started
  • your product shipped to us and a prepaid return label if you want it to be returned. 
  • Include Tracking Information after shipping so we turn these photos around for you as quickly as possible.  

We can purchase your product from Amazon but for that, I will need reimbursement for the cost of the products.

We respond quickly and communicate with you every step of your order. 

Running time (seconds)
Number of finalized versions included
1 finalized version
File formats provided
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Custom Colors
Ultra HD (4K)
Add Logo
Background Music
Commercial Use
Overlay Text
Extras included
Full HD (1080p)
Overlay Text
Logo Transparency
Custom Colors
Background Music
Commercial Use
2 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
Do you provide photos as well?
We can discuss including photos in the package 4 Black/white background + 1 infographic + 1 Lifestyle

Do you provide videos for more than 45 seconds? if so what is the cost?
Yes I do and we discuss the extra cost. We May agree on a discount.

What’s the minimum amount of seconds you provide for a video.
3o seconds no less.

What’s the cost for 30 seconds video? Are there any discounts?
The cost for the minimum of a 30 seconds video is $268. There are no discounts in this deal.