Discover 100s of Successful Products to Launch

Getting stuck in Analysis paralysis costs you time and money, when you could be selling and making it to your goal of having a successful eCommerce / Amazon business.
Distractions such as hiring product finders (like some here that promise 2 or 3 products), buying outdated courses, and missing out on 1 multi-year plan by settling for just 1 product could cost you 10s of $1000s.

Whether you know it or not, having a long term plan is the only way to long term success on Amazon.   If you are just getting started on Amazon, or sitting on a product or brand idea, I am here to help guide you towards ultimate success.

This particular service provides what others cannot - the ability for you to find as many products, and niches for those products, as your heart desires.  

I have had clients get to choose from 4-5 niches with 8-12 products in each niche to launch their Amazon business. 

That’s as many as 60 winning products to choose from!   And its a lot easier to pick a winner from 60 possible winners than from 3.

I walk you through the specifics of the Product & Niche Research & Validation phase of my Big 7 step system of selling private label products on Amazon.  I've been guiding my VIP clients through this same system and into their successful businesses for years.  Now you can get special access to those same methods.

You'll be provided everything you'll need in order to find those niches and products you are looking for.  My system will help you answer questions such as:
1.  Should I develop a bunch of different products that sell well individually, or should I build a brand?
2.  How can I leverage my own interests so that it doesn't feel like the grind moving forward?
3.  How can I find 160 product ideas that I can sell on Amazon in 4 hours?
4.  What can using social media and google do for my Amazon business?
5.  How much money will I need to succeed on Amazon?
6.  How do I analyze product data to pick winners?
7.  What will my next 1 year look like to best get me to the finish line of my entrepreneurial goals?
8.  What do experts who have been selling for decades look for in a product idea?

I am known for my ability to break down hard-to-understand high-level concepts into small, manageable bites that can then be executed properly with the right action.  You can do this with my help, no problem.

I have been selling on Amazon since 2008.
I have mentored HUNDREDS of clients through my proven Amazon private label system.

I earn 6 figures as a third party seller with 3 separate brands spanning 6 different categories (that's right, one of my brands spans multiple categories, and I will tell you how I do it.)

Thinking out of the box is a strategy that I am constantly putting to work when taking a product idea to market or building an entire brand identity. 

Oftentimes, what works best is something that has not been done before.  Other times, one needs exhaustive podcast & mastermind group connections to excel.  I save you time by sharing all of this with you, in a tested and proven system.

You'll not only obtain my complete system with easy to follow steps and example-driven walkthroughs, BUT YOU WILL GET A 1-ON-1 CALL WITH me for 1 hour to analyze your product ideas, and to solidify your master plan.  

Ask me anything through full E-mail support while you work through the material and action items.

My goal with every client is to deliver 200% of what they were expecting.  With no sugar coating.
Simply message me with your situation, and find out how I can propel your Amazon business.

You win, I win.  It's as simple as that.

What are you waiting for?  Amazon awaits.

P.S. Why wander in the dark as I did for my first year?  It will cost you a lot of time and money.  I've seen it time and time again.
Shoot me a message - it's free to inquire

Patrick Kinkade is a seasoned Amazon Seller and Coach. A graduate of the University of California, Davis - Patrick has a keen mind for research and a natural inclination to teach and share his hard won knowledge and experience with those that have a desire to strike out on their own in the Amazon jungle.  
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Requirements needed to get started
I will need from you:
1.  An email address to register you on our Academy portal
2.  Readiness to find a pile of products!
3.  60 minute calendar slot for our strategy / analysis call.  
Private labeled products provided
More than 5 private label products
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
What if I don't have a clue of how to get started? 
- No problem.  I am going to show you step-by-step exactly how to find winning products.

Can I use these techniques to analyze existing products that I already have?
-  Yes, not a problem.  This knowledge and skills will translate to any products on most any platform.

What kind of tech do we use for our coaching call?
-  I invite you to your own private meeting room on Zoom.  I can record the call with screen sharing so that you can refer back to it afterwards.