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Discover & Validate 100s of Hidden Products to Launch

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My Clients Learn The Secrets Of How To Find And Validate Product Ideas And Start Selling Their Way To Millions On Amazon - Without Choosing The Wrong Product To Start Selling First.
The biggest problems I hear from the beginning AND advanced sellers is:
  • I’ve paid for product ideas but was handed useless, over-competitive results
  • All the good products have been taken
  • Other courses have failed to produce results
  • or all three...  

 And that's because many sellers are moms, dads, entrepreneurs--that work full time and don't have the years of experience it takes to successfully sell on Amazon.
That's what inspired me to create this program for you.
I have taken my process, one that's found me and my clients 1000s of successful product ideas in 100s of prosperous niches on Amazon, and made an easy-to-follow course that takes almost no time and is priced so low that you'll kick yourself for not taking advantage of it.
The entire process that you're about to learn took me more than 10 years and many, MANY thousands of dollars for me to learn--My trial and error time was brutal. My failures cost me dearly.  Just ask my wife...
It's designed to be easy, systematized, and efficient through video format so that you can find winning ideas and build your brand quickly.
You'll save your precious time, money, and most importantly, you'll have 3-8 winning product ideas ready for you to launch and sell by the end of the course!
Here's just a sample of what we'll cover:
  • Learn how to navigate the massive Amazon catalog (including secret hiding places) to find product ideas and crush it
  •  Scour for product ideas off of Amazon that are not on Amazon yet (be “first to market”)
  • Learn the best tool suite available to Amazon sellers and ensure your success
  • I will reveal secret strategies to isolate you from your competition by differentiating your product (making it unique and more desirable) 
  • Learn to harness the power of data from the Amazon platform to find a niche of products ALREADY PROVEN to make you cash (oftentimes with 0 reviews!)
... and much, MUCH More!
My system will help you answer questions such as:
  1. Why is building a brand better than just selling random products?
  2. How can I leverage my own interests so that it doesn't feel like the grind moving forward?
  3. How can I find 160 product ideas that I can sell on Amazon in 4 hours?
  4. How much money will I need to succeed on Amazon?
  5. What do experts who have been selling for decades look for in a product idea?
  • 14 video lessons walking you through every step 
  •  ​The professional processes used by elite sellers to find and validate winning product ideas fast
  • ​How to research products for just 1 hour per day and springboard your business in 2 weeks or less.

  • ​Easy-to-use resources for finding ideas, getting sales data, recording products within niches, analyzing for winners, AND differentiating to stand out high above your competitors.
  • How to tell if your products will get enough traffic (even if you have no idea right now).

  • ​How to determine what your ideal customer avatar is so you can deliver exactly the product they are looking for. 

  • ​Bonus material enabling you to set up your brand and product listings with excellence later on.
* One-time payment, no hidden recurring fees.
Q. Is this better than having a product research guru find me products?
A. Yes.  Because while doing nearly 1000 keyword research jobs for clients throughout the years, I noticed so many were launching identical products to each other.  They were using gurus who were all using the same tools and giving the same product ideas out.
Q. Do I have to be a seller already?
A. No, you don't have to be anything but willing to learn from a master who thrives on teaching others to get results.
Please Note:  I am known for my ability to break down hard-to-understand high-level concepts into small, manageable bites that can then be executed properly with the right action.  You can do this with my help, no problem.  {Ask any of my clients that I’ve helped through the years.}

Q. Will I need any special software or tools?
A. Yes, but we provide customized apps, and special access to the best tools available. You need internet access and a computer, of course.

Whether you are just getting started on Amazon or sitting on a product or brand idea, don't miss this breakthrough mastermind course that will finally show you how to scour and validate often hidden product ideas, on and off amazon, and be able to hypersuccessfully launch your Amazon / eCommerce brand within weeks.

Requirements needed to get started
I will need from you:
1.  An email address to register you on our Academy portal
2.  Readiness to find a pile of products!
3.  60 minute calendar slot for your free coaching strategy call.  
Private labeled products provided
More than 5 private label products
Unlimited revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
What if I don't have a clue of how to get started? 
- No problem.  I am going to show you step-by-step exactly how to find winning products.

Can I use these techniques to analyze existing products that I already have?
-  Yes, not a problem.  This knowledge and skills will translate to most any products in most any category.

What kind of tech do we use for our coaching call?
-  I invite you to your own private meeting room on Zoom.  I can record the call with screen sharing so that you can refer back to it afterwards.