Ultimate Guide to Nike Brand Ungating Course

Are you tired of being restricted from selling some of the best sports brands like Nike and Under Armour?

Let us help you get ungated the safe way!

The Definitive Guide to Ungating Nike and More
Our Amazon Ungating Course will show you exactly .....
  • ​2 proven wholesale accounts, you can open as an amazon only seller (no brick and mortar store)
  • ​Prepare your amazon account for applying to get approvals
  • ​Walkthrough how to annotate an invoice for Amazon reps to make it easy
  • ​Sample of proven products to order for approval
  • ​What requirements you need to open wholesale accounts
  • ​#1 Golden Tip that can unlock lucrative inventory that wholesalers will beg you to take!
  • ​Directions for both American and Canadian sellers
  • ​How to sell transparency coded products
  • ​And Much More!

We have found sources that have proven to work with Canadian's selling on .com and .ca even without an EIN or other US based tax information.

How do big sellers get approved?
The same way we are going to show you!  Ordering products from approved wholesalers and manufacturers is the one authentic way to get approved.
The harder it is to get approved for a product the fewer competitors you should have.
Which will limit price tanking.
And allow you to make better and more profitable buying decisions.

Expert Tips
You will learn a ton of expert tricks along the way that you might never have known. Including...one simple tip that can unlock profitable inventory and have wholesalers begging you to take it off their hands!

Please note: We try our best to provide 2 proven providers to get you ungated, however, there are lots of factors including individual account health and amazon changes.  We have put together good information, however, we can not guarantee this will work for everyone and amazon always is changing rules and requirements.

Not only will we give you the wholesalers to get ungated, but you will also learn the process to get approved in more brands as you grow and find new wholesalers.

There are other services that offer to get you ungated and you don't have to do anything.  These are a SCAM!  They will upload fake invoices and never open a wholesale account for you.  Amazon does call the suppliers and will suspend you forever! Don't get suspended by using services that upload fake invoices to your account.  Learn how to do it the right way.
Requirements needed to get started
You will need to open accounts with the wholesalers and you will need to purchase products to do so.  This will require capital to get ungated.
In order to open up wholesale accounts, you will need a few documents to help.

  1. If you are a US-based seller you will need to have the resale certificate from your state to supply to the wholesaler.  If you are located in a sales tax-free state then you will not need this.  Here is a link on taxjar covering every state and what you need to set up.  https://blog.taxjar.com/how-to-register-for-sales-tax-permits/
  2. If you are a US-based seller, you will need an EIN if you are not a sole proprietor.
  3. Canadian sellers -  it is highly recommended you have your business number and GST/HST registration with the CRA. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/businesses/topics/gst-hst-businesses/account-register.html Wholesalers will request these.  If you are Candian, sometimes they may ask for an EIN, which I don’t suggest getting since then you might be required to file US tax returns.  Usually, providing a GST/HST number should suffice. There are some wholesales that might now accept and you should just move on.  It's a numbers game, but the ones we have selected should work to get accounts opened.

Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Is this guaranteed to work?
If you follow our guide you should be able to get ungated in these brands!  Our clients have been successful using these sources and techniques we teach, however things are always changing with Amazon and the rep you receive so it might take a couple of tries. Anyone who guarantees is uploading fake invoices that will get your account banned.