Amazon Reimbursements on Refunds/Returns & Damaged Inventory

What’s great about selling thru FBA? Well, Amazon takes care of almost everything for you! Makes selling easier, no need to deal with packing, shipping out, delivery, returns, refunds and any customer service handling. Nice right?

But have you ever wondered if you get the charges and fees back whenever they refund? What do they do with the returned items? Another interesting question, do customers actually return the products?

What if Amazon owes you $400? Or maybe $2500 worth of reimbursements for a certain period? When was the last time you checked on your Amazon reimbursements? 
Well, if you don’t have the answers for these now, we can help figure that out for you if you let us!

What we’ll do?
We will review your account charges, returns, refund, reimbursements and inventory adjustment history. We’ll let you know what you have been charged correctly and what you need to ask Amazon reimbursements for. We’ll do the work for you while you sit back, relax and take care of other important tasks you are better be spending time on.

Who we are?
We are a team with more than 20 years of Amazon experience combined. Our team of Amazon specialists analyzes all of your data efficiently for your lost and damaged goods, and returns so that you receive all the refunds you deserve. 

We have a 6-month reimbursement track record of approximately $15,000 in total and $5,000 of it we successfully received thru manual reimbursement requests efforts.

What you'll get?
  • A summary report listing the charges, orders and inventory adjustment that should be for reimbursements for past 6 months.
    • Reimbursement eligibility and status of each transaction
    • List of transactions to ask Amazon for reimbursement
  • Steps/Instructions on how to file for reimbursement or a template you can use to easily copy and paste when requesting.
  • Your own Report Template with Guide that you can use for future Reimbursements Check. You will receive this after completion of agreed project deliverable.
  • And peace of mind because you'll know you are getting the reimbursements that are all due to you! :-)

Types of reimbursements
  1. Inventory Adjustments Reimbursements:
    1. Damaged
    2. Disposed of
      1. Sellable
      2. Warehouse Damaged
      3. Distributor/Carrier Damaged
    3. Lost
  2. Customer Returns/Refunds Reimbursements
    1. Amazon Refunded even when customer requested or returned outside of return window
    2. Amazon Refunded but customer did not return
    3. Other Concessions or Customer Service concerns refund
    4. Excess refund more than the product charge or the total customer paid for.
Requirements needed to get started
View-only or download access to your reports and refund transactions
Consulting hours
1/2 hour of consulting included
Delivery time
Up to 7 days