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1. Advanced Keyword Research and Competitor Research

This phase entails in-depth analysis to ensure exactly which keywords and phrases must be included in your listing. Not only should I use all the top-performing keywords that your competitors use, but I will also add those that they don't use. 

2. Sales-Oriented HTML Product Description 

- In this area, rather than simply posting what the item does and how it helps, I will concentrate on creating a story about your item/product as well as your brand, and above all, convince potential customers to click on "Add to Cart"! 

3. COMPLETE Keyword List with Real Data 

- You will get a complete list of keywords alongside the search volume and where your competitors rank those words. 

You can also use the keyword list for your PPC campaigns and product launches. 

4. Impressive SEO Product Title

- The title is the most significant piece of your listing. Your item title will feature the most impressive keywords to rank high and convince customers to click. 

5. Five Well-Described and Advantage-oriented

- Instead of concentrating on the features as other sellers are doing, I ensure to include the ADVANTAGES and furthermore keeping it inside a specific character count to ensure the 5 points are completely indexed. 

You'll be amazed of how many people don't have a clue how to do this. 

6. 249 Bytes Backend Search Terms 

- In this section, I choose to insert all the relevant keywords that have not been added to your listing and therefore not indexed. It is an incredibly important aspect and I am concentrating on adding all parts of the long-tail keywords to ensure you rank for the related phrases as well. 


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