Crush It On Amazon Playbook - 172 pages PDF + physical copy

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What worked, what didn't, results from millions in sales, best practices, and every dirty little secret from over 50M in physical under 200 pages!

Here’s A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn
  • ​Why following the conventional advice will kill your business before you even get started...
  • The A-Z blueprint for creating best-selling products on Amazon
  • The exact product research, launch, review acquisition and audience-building strategies we used (you won't believe it!)

Inside of Physical Products Secrets I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you profit from and SCALE a physical products business leveraging Amazon’s platform...
Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your FREE copy of Physical Products Secrets: 

Here's A Sliver Of What You'll Learn:
  • The subtle difference between selling products and building a brand. Revealed on Page 9
  • The “10-minute-plan” I use to get 2.5x more done in a day than most people in a week. Revealed on Page 12
  • WARNING: Why the way you feel is the main reason you’re not successful and how to fix it. Revealed on Page 13
  • What the top 4 mistakes are when finding products and why you’re making at least 3 of them. Revealed on Page 21 
  • The “Competition-Colonoscopy” that reveals what your competitors don’t want you to know. Revealed on Page 41 
  • The FREE (yet under-utilized) billion-dollar reports that reveal what public companies in your industry don’t want you to know and how to take advantage of it. Revealed on Page 44 
  • The ONLY way to see the REAL quality of a sample from a supplier (and how to protect yourself from your competitors doing it to you). Revealed on Page 61
  • The one mistake ALL suppliers make that could cost you $10,000s of dollars. Revealed on Page 82 
  • Why paying more for shipping can actually end up costing you less. Revealed on Page 85 
  • How you can build an audience of 100,000s of new potential customers in a matter of days (without paying a single $ out of your own pocket). Revealed on Page 92 
  • The ZERO-risk approach to sell more of your products to an audience you don’t own and how you can acquire it without using your own money if they buy your products. Revealed on Page 97 
  • The one word that can 3x your business and transform you from an Amazon seller to a business owner. Revealed on Page 104 
  • The one concept EVERYONE gets wrong in their listings. Revealed on Page 109 
  • How we leverage our competitors’ listings against them and create listings that convert (it’s like opening the doors to a bunch of savages at Walmart on Black Friday). Revealed on Page 112 
  • The “mini-and-barely-noticeable” tweak we add to our main images that 2x our click-through rates. Revealed on Page 115 
  • Why without those 3 words, your listing will always suck. Revealed on Page 124 
  • REVEALED: The full-detail, step-by-step blueprint we used to profitably launch products without any rebates or giveaways and get as many reviews as we want (all within Amazon’s TOS). Revealed on Page 128 
  • The ONE simple thing you can’t profitably scale without. Revealed on Page 134 
  • How to massively increase the value of your business and why it’ll also make it much easier and safer for your to scale. Revealed on Page 139 
  • Why focusing on the newest tactics is the reason you’re not more successful. Revealed on Page 144 
  • The exact step-by-step script to negotiate better terms and pricing for your products (even if you don’t go to China). Revealed in the BONUS section 

You'll also get the following bonuses:

***Bonus #1 - 22-Page Workbook***
We’ve created a 22-page workbook to help you follow along and get the most out of the book.

***Bonus #2 - 17 Minute Video Training***
"How To Build And Scale A 7-Figure Amazon Store By Acquiring Established Traffic Sources For No Money Out Of Your Own Pocket"
Here are just a few things covered...
  • How to use little known traffic sources outside of Amazon, to explode sales on Amazon (…and how to acquire them with no upfront capital)
  • How to monetize a traffic source you don’t own, before you ever acquire it so you don’t waste time or money
  • The exact top of page 1 ranking strategy to profitably launch products from day 1 and get a ton of real reviews without expensive rebates, giveaways or ads

***Bonus #3 - Get Better Terms With Suppliers***
Learn how you can negotiate much more favorable terms with your suppliers with this proven 7-step method.
You can improve your cash flow and immediately become more profitable even if you’re not a good negotiator.

***Bonus #4 - Product Development Masterclass***
This masterclass covers how you can differentiate your product and get it manufactured to your specification.
It’s the exact blueprint this 778 million dollars per year company used to launch, disrupt, and dominate the entire market on Amazon.
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