Killer Book Blurb - SEO Friendly!

I have seven years of Amazon publishing and KDP experience - I've been optimizing book blurbs on here since before many of the categories even existed! For me, writing a great blurb is half the fun of writing the book in the first place. I'd love to help you grab some more eyes and get some more people cracking your next bestseller open!

This gig is for BOTH fiction and non-fiction. I will have a few questions about your book and will need, at minimum, the summary, genre, etc. Just the basics, really. 

All of the best blurbs follow a similar formula. We're going to bold something at the top - this is the part that makes people stop browsing and focus on your story.

Then we'll give them the meat of what you've written. This is a stylized elevator pitch that breaks down your novel and sells it at breakneck speeds. They'll already know whether or not your novel is for them at this point, but we'll drive that home with the follow up.

You've seen it before - next comes the comparison to other works. We'll let them know which awesome books yours either draws inspiration from, or is a cool new mixture of. This may not be the case for non-fiction, depending on what kind of book it is.

Then, every great blurb is rounded out with your awesome credentials, or just a bit about you as the author. This is the human element to the whole thing.

And all the while, I'll be working in keywords for you that will help boost your visibility, working towards boosting your ranking.

In summary, you will receive the following!


  • Grabs the reader.
  • Works for your specific genre.
  • Is filled to the brim with good SEO AND good writing.
  • Offers a comparison to novels people enjoy. 
  • Includes 4 rounds of potential revisions, we're going to get this right!
  • Works across multiple avenues, from KDP to your LinkedIn or author website.

2.  An author bio you can use anywhere people might go to learn about you. 

3.  KDP friendly HTML formatting. 
Requirements needed to get started
I'll need you to do one of two things:

  • Schedule a short call with me where you can tell me about your book. We'll do this over some kind of online meeting service - notes will be returned to you immediately after the call to check for accuracy. 
  • You can answer a questionnaire that I'll send you which should give me enough information to get an awesome blurb going that I can then tweak based on your feedback.

No matter what, I will likely either need an outline if you've got one or a portion of your manuscript, if not the whole thing. This will depend on the genre and whether or not the blurb is for a work of fiction.
Focus keywords
5 focus keywords
Number of words included
Extras included
Competitor Research
SEO Optimized
Editable File
Bullet Points
Product Description
HTML Product Description
4 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 3 days
Frequently asked questions
Q. This is for BOTH fiction and non-fiction?

A: That's correct! I have experience with both - I'm ready to help you immediately.

Q. What genres do you have experience with?

A: At this point, there really isn't a kind of novel I haven't directly written the blurb for or at least helped with the blurb for. From cookbooks and real estate guides to cyberpunk and superhero novels, I've done it all.

Q: What languages will you return the blurb in? 
A: Working within the window stated on the gig, you'll receive a blurb back in English. If you really need it translated after that into another language, I will be happy to assist you via a custom order. 
Q: Are you available to answer questions? 
A: Any time! I honestly love this work, I'm happy to talk about it whenever, especially if that means helping you to feel a little better about ordering from me.
Q: What happens when I place my order? 
A: I will reach out to you as quickly as possible to begin working through all the necessary details. Whether that is scheduling a call for later that day or early the next morning or sending over a few questions for you to fill out and send back.

Q: How do you communicate with your clients? 
A: I use Jungle Market messaging and Skype, but can hop on other similar calling services if needed.