Listing Writing & Optimization: Rank Higher & Convert More

This package is geared towards advanced sellers who will benefit from the in-depth keyword research (including Brand Analytics data) and additional back-end fields that are included.

The package includes:

- title
- bullet points
- description
- HTML description
- back end search terms
- subject matter, intended use, additional features fields

We also provide you with our keyword research using Helium10's advanced keyword research tool (Unfamiliar? see here: as well as Brand Analytics data which is only available to sellers who are brand registered.

Additionally, we include a customized tutorial video explaining everything that has been delivered and how to upload your listing on to Amazon.
Requirements needed to get started
Simply send your product information, pictures, and any other details about your product or niche that might not be obvious. 

The more information we have the better the listing will be. 
Search Terms
Delivery time
Up to 5 days