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Amazon FBA Mentoring Call 60 mins 50% off Limited time

I have been an Amazon FBA Seller for the last 3 years. I started my journey in January 2018 whle I was working long hours in my full-time job for a corporate comany. I created a side hustle in my spare time and by February 2020 I handed in my notice to my job of 8 years to go full time as an Amazon FBA seller. I then went on to become a six figure seller by the end of 2020 leaving the 9 to 5 world and having freedom to do whatever I want.

I'm now helping people from all walks of life by mentoring them to do the same and to live their best life, anything is possible with the right mindset! I want to help people realise their potential and Amazon is a great platform for this :-)

Please note the 50% Offer ends on the 31 December 2021, an extended Black Friday and Christmas offer!

I specialise in helping people with no experience to very experienced. I can help you set  up your Amazon account, stop you from making big mistakes.

Show you the steps to get started on a low budget with a test batch sourced locally to test your product and see if you should buy more.

Help you if you are stuck with something, is it barcodes? PPC Acos too high? Seller Central, not enough sales. Everything is figure-out-able.

I love saving money for myself in the business and cutting costs I have lots of tips and access if you are on a budget of courses on selling on Amazon that have 375 + videos that are affordable from $39 lifetime fee! I have built up exceptional contacts for you on Photography, Amazon Listing optimisation, Freight forwarding, Amazon specialist accountants, Profit and loss sheets, contacting supplier templates. I have built up hundreds of hours of knowledge and research from webinars and courses including building a brand with a UK trademark, selling in different countries, PPC and much more over the last 3 years. I sell in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and even Singapore. I can analyse your listing and help you sell!

Check out my YouTube interview story with my mentor Ollie - My Youtube interview -

Requirements needed to get started
  • Your questions or problems you are facing so I can focus on helping you solve them during the call to optimise your time.

  • The package includes a 1 hour call on skype or google hangouts so that we can share the screen if we need to. Written report with action steps sent to you after the call within 24 hours.

  • A positive attitude and mindset.

Consulting hours
1 hour of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 24 hours
Frequently asked questions
Q: What if I don't even have an Amazon Account?
Don't worry I have helped many people open an Amazon account from scratch over Skype. I can tell you what you need to open an account before the call and walk you through it. We can then get you started for product research.
Q: What if I have some questions before I order?
Yes we prefer to have some questions and know a bit about your goals on Amazon to focus the call on your top priorities, so you get the most out of the session.
Q: Do I have a mentor?
I do I have a mentor who is a 7 figure Amazon seller and a coach. I have paid for many of his courses and I'm still on his coaching advanced course. We all get stuck so it is good to be part of that Amazon community! I also have two accountability partners who are on the same level as me and one I meet up with regularly and the other one we talk on the phone, they are both experienced full time FBA Amazon sellers.
Q: Can you help with my existing Amazon Listing and give direction?
Absolutely, this is my speciality and I can prepare a bullet point action plan after our call and analysis video of your listing to improve it.
Q: Do you know all the answers? I don't know everything I'm of the mindset that I'm learning everyday but if there is something that I'm not an expert in I will refer you to a specialist that can help you, eg if it is a trademark issue or tax issue.
Q: Why choose me? 
If you want to speak to someone who has achieved leaving their job to work on Amazon full time then I have achieved this so can show you the steps to do the same. I have a strong mind set and have started with ZERO with no help to become successful in Amazon and other ventures and I love giving back and believe everyone is capable of so much than what they are told. 
I would love you to experience that feeling of handing in your notice to your full-time job, it was one of the best feelings in my life!