Amazon listing optimization is known as the process of getting product pages upgraded in order to enhance the search visibility, conversion rates, click-through rate (CTR), then create more sales. This whole process consists of optimizing the listing texts and images, keyword discovery, and increasing the number of reviews. 
  • Product title – your product title in an Amazon product listing can be up to 500 characters (with some products you get 250 characters), so there is plenty of space to go into detail. In fact, many product titles on Amazon are more like mini descriptions of the product. In most cases, the more information you give, the better. You should include the main keyword for the product as close to the start of the title as possible. You should also include all the main elements such as brand, product name, model number, color, size, type, etc.
  • Images – an Amazon product listing should have at least five images of the product. There should be a variety of images too, including images showing the product's size and the product being used. Showing multiple angles of the product and its packaging is also helpful. In addition, it is important to follow Amazon's requirements for images. You give us the photographs and we will make it Amazon ready.
  • Bullet points – below the price, product options, and shipping details of an Amazon product listing’s page are several bullet points. The best way to use this section is to highlight the product's main features and benefits. You should do this while using as many secondary keywords as possible. Remember, this part of the listing is more important than the full product description because of the position it appears on the page, 
  • Description - even though a description is not as important as bullet points, it is still important. It lets you give more information about the product and include your keywords again. 

Requirements needed to get started
i will need the following.
your product details
your product pictures
where you want to launch, region
product features
product branding and packaging
and anything else you would like me to know.
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1 private label product
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