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Amazon PL Product Sourcing - Supplier Research & Negotiation

Now that we know what you're going to sell and how well it's expected to sell once it's listed on Amazon thanks to our product and market research and analysis, it's time to find the best manufacturer for your product.

One mistake we would like to help you avoid is going with the manufacturer that has the lowest cost. Obviously, we want our costs to stay low, but sometimes the cheapest product isn’t always the best product.  

After a lot of practice and experience with communicating and negotiating with Chinese and US suppliers we created a proven method to get this right:

✅ Product specifications list
✅ Customized supplier contact letter
✅ Extensive supplier research and hand-picking 10 suppliers based on our KPI's
✅ Supplier contact, gather quotes and negotiate price, MOQ and customization features
✅ Packaging specifications
✅ Shipping quotes from the top 3 suppliers
✅ Profitability analysis
✅ Arrange sample order
✅ Amazon FBA shipping guide, customized for your specific product category

Please note that we don't arrange shipping and freight forwarding, although we can help you with getting shipping quotes from freight forwarding companies.

Requirements needed to get started
- Product information (name, basic features, customization etc)
- Examples from competitor/similar products
- Access to your Alibaba account
- Budget for product cost and shipping
Delivery time
Up to 14 days
Frequently asked questions
Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?
We currently support only US & UK Amazon marketplaces.

What kind of software do you use?
We currently use the Viral Launch chrome extension, Jungle Scout Pro Chrome extension, Helium10 and AMZ Scout Pro chrome extension.

Why us?
We are Top Rated, full-time consultants focusing on services around Amazon private label sellers. Relationships are everything to us. We are always interested in creating long-term relationships with our clients and this is why we care more than others. We are committed to providing high-quality services for all our clients and we are prepared to go that extra mile for impeccable results.