Professional photos of your products means more clicks and higher rankings!A good, high quality image will produce a much higher CTR (Click Through Rate) to your product which in turn will create more sales for you.

What's Included:
– Package of 5-6 total of images
– Account Manager as single point of contact
– Unlimited Revisions (within reason)
– Creative Director to assist with art review
– New Proofs within 24-48 hours of receiving feedback
– High Res 2000 x 2000 pixel jpg to meet Amazon image standards
– Final source files provided in Adobe Photoshop
– Transfer of Worldwide Copyrights
– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

License Additional Stock Images $10 each
3D Mockup of packaging $50
Requirements needed to get started
  • A+ Shot List Form (contact me for more info)
  • Product Sample for Product Photography
  • Hi-res Logo 
Number of images
6 images included per package
File formats provided
Extras included
Source File
High Resolution
Commercial Use
10 revisions allowed
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
How much experience do you have with Amazon Products?

On average we work on about 10 Amazon projects per week. We have a full team that includes product photographers & image retouchers, 3D specialists, graphic designers and illustrators.  Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed Amazon standards. We can also help with packaging, instruction sheets and other marketing visuals.

How long does it take?

Research (1-2 days)
We hold a Design Kickoff meeting. We review competitor pages. Sketches for Internal review. Locate stock images from Adobe Stock.
Photography & Culling  (2-3 days)
Half-day photo shoot. All raw unretouched photos are first posted on redpen and image finalists are selected (Culling).
Photo Editing & Compositing (1-2 days)
Cleanup, Resizing, Color Correction, and Compositing product photos with licensed stock images. 3D renderings, Text or Graphics added to gallery images if needed.
Revisions (2-5 days)
We offer unlimited revisions (within reason). Each round of revisions takes one or two business days. Studio is closed on weekends. 

On average turnaround is 7 to 10 workdays to complete from the time we receive the product.  turnaround and cost for Amazon image stacks depend on what you provide and what we are asked to deliver.

If you want us to modify your existing photos it will take the least amount of time and save you some money but it limits what we are able to do.

if you ship the product to our studio we can photograph it then do some photo editing to look good on white background. usually within one week from receiving the product.

if you need lifestyle images or infographics this takes a bit longer. generally what we like to do is sketch some ideas for the image to draw attention to the benefits, then find appropriate stock images that match the sketch. We then photograph your product to match the lighting and angle. 

Where are you located?
I am originally from Los Angeles and have a sales office in California but our studio is in the Philippines. Most of our clients manufacture in China and find it more convenient and lower cost to ship and photograph with us than in the US where the rates are much higher. 

In addition to photos, We can also create 3D renderings of your packaging or product, and add text icons and infographics. If you need packaging and logo design or product instruction sheets we can also help with that.

If you can provide your email address I will share a document where you can list the shots. then i can calculate exact cost and turnaround.

Question:  What information do you need for the logo design?
Answer:  Please download and complete this form and then upload it when you place your order.

Question:  Do you have any suggestions to make this project run smoothly?
Answer: Some suggestions to make the project run smoothly

1.  Provide a detailed creative brief at the start of the project. include information about your company, your competitors, and your audience.

2.  Have all assets ready at the start of the project including all final text, any printer specifications, high res images, and any previous art.

3.  During the feedback loop, instead of telling us exactly what to do, tell us what the problem is. That way we understand the reasoning behind your decisions. This might help us to come up with some alternate ideas that you may not have thought of and address your concerns. In other words; instead of saying “make the logo bigger!” explain the problem (the logo should be more visible). Then we might be able to recommend a few options.

We start the process by learning about your company and competitors. We want to make sure to develop concepts that are relevant to your audience but not stale or overused. Then sketches are developed for internal review. We will select the one we feel meets all of your goals and develop that into a digital color design and show one or two mockups of the logo in action to help you visualize how it will work in the real world. You provide feedback and we refine it till it's perfect. Then we send you the logo in all formats you could possibly need.