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On-Demand Q&A Coaching - Video Answers 24/7 for 1 Month

Don't you wish you could get all the money back that you spent on all the vague and mostly theory-filled, overpromised under-delivered Amazon training you have got in the past?  Don't buy into all the "I sold $50,000,000 in product last month" BS.  You ought to be asking yourself - what did they profit? What's their Return On Investment (ROI)?  And where did they go for help?

Whether you are just getting started on Amazon or sitting on a product or brand idea, I am here to help guide you 1-on-1 towards ultimate success. 

My Q&A Coaching is perfect if you are just diving into the Amazon FBA world, or if you always struggle for specific Amazon Private Label questions, or would like me to analyze and validate your product(s). 
UNLIMITED Questions.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask:
1.  Should I proceed with the Amazon business and product idea I have (or don't have)?
2.  What do dynamic and static CPR mean?
3.  What are my options for launch traffic and what works best?
3.  Is my product a good idea or not?  What if its not- now what?
4.  What software should I have and what expenses should I get rid of?
5.  How much money will I need to succeed on Amazon?
6.  What are the different bid types?
7.  Do the keywords in my A+ content index on Amazon?

I save you time by sharing all of my experiences and know-how with you.

  • Product Research, Selection & Validation
  • Sourcing, Shipping, Logistics
  • Listing Optimization, Keyword Research
  • Launch & Keyword Boost Tactics, Ranking
  • Giveaways, Promotions, External Traffic
  • PPC Strategy, Campaign Setup & Bid Optimization
  • Branding, Account Audit, Seller Central
  • Pricing, Forecasting, Inventory, Paid Ads

I am known for my ability to break down hard-to-understand high-level concepts into small, manageable bites that can then be executed properly with the right action. 

You can answer any question about selling you pose, no problem.

I have been selling on Amazon since 2008.
I have mentored HUNDREDS of clients through my proven Amazon private label system.

I earn 6 figures as a third party seller with 3 separate brands spanning 6 different categories (that's right, one of my brands spans multiple categories, and I will tell you how I do it.)

Thinking out of the box is a strategy that I am constantly putting to work when taking a product idea to market or building an entire brand identity. 

Oftentimes, what works best is something that has not been done before.  Other times, one needs exhaustive podcast & mastermind group connections to excel.  

My goal with every client is to deliver 200% of what they were expecting.  With no sugar coating.
Never sit in the dark, alone, ever again.

You win, I win.  It's as simple as that.

What are you waiting for?  Amazon awaits.

Why wander in the dark as I did for my first year?  It will cost you a lot of time and money.  I've seen it time and time again.

Requirements needed to get started
You will need a desire to move your Amazon business forward, each day, in a manner that generates questions...
...All of us successful Sellerpreneurs have asked 1000s of questions to get to where we are.  Now is your chance to get answers EASIER than ever before, in 1 place!   From your very own Master Coach!
Consulting hours
5 hours of consulting included
Extras included
Seller Central Audit
Pricing Audit
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Listing Optimization
Paid Ad Audit
Marketing Strategy
Product Research
Brand Protection
Delivery time
Up to 30 days
Frequently asked questions
  • Will I need to learn any new software?  No.  You will be provided a private email address to ask me your questions any time you like.
  • How fast will you answer?  I guarantee an answer within 48 hours, but usually its within a few hours.
  • What format will your answers be in?  Most often I use video with screen sharing. Some questions can be answered with an email reply.  I utilize whatever medium teaches you best so you understand my response and can take action asap!  (Remember, I coach sellers like you 1-on-1 every day, so I'm fast and thorough, always providing what you need in particular.)
  • How many questions can I ask?  You may ask 1 question at a time, UNLIMITED asks within a month.
  • Who is actually answering my questions?  EVERY question is answered by Patrick Kinkade, Master Coach.  (Patrick LOVES to answer his clients' questions about their Amazon business, and especially about their unique situation.)

Again, What are you waiting for?  Go ahead - try to find this service anywhere else...I dare you.  :)