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Save More! Get Legal Tax Exemption in ALL STATES

If you're dropshipping from Amazon to Walmart, you have to pay sales tax to fulfill your orders, your margins are tight and eaten by sales taxes, your prices are not competitive as other tax exempted sellers, and your listings have fewer chances to get sold. 

This is why I am offering this service to help dropshippers get tax exempted on Amazon so they doesn't have to pay sales taxes while fulfilling their orders, make sufficient profits with their sales, and scale their dropshipping business to 6 figure sales per month easily.

This service is for US and non-US sellers, it doesn't matter!

Some states require an extra fee in order to get resale certificate, the client will be in charge of these fees.

Why Choose Us?
  • We offer a 100% legal tax exemption service, your certificates will be created under your business name and your name.
  • We don't use fake certificates or other company's certificates to claim the tax exemption status, like the other sellers or agencies.
  • Be aware! using fake certificates will get your orders canceled, and your Amazon account will be banned.
  • It's against the law to use fake certificates
Delivery time
Up to 10 days
Frequently asked questions
Do I need LLC to get tax exempt, or you're going to do it under another company name?
You need an LLC, corporation, we will get you tax-exempt under your LLC name or under your name as a sole proprietor. We will register for sales tax under your business name, and prepare legal resale certificates under your business name and your name, and this is the only legal way to do it.

What if I ask you to get me tax-exempt under your LLC?
Sorry! we don't offer illegal services. By doing so, you will put your entire business under financial and legal risk. Amazon is banning those type of accounts and cancel the orders.

Do you offer tax exemption service for other websites?
yes, I can get you tax-exempt on any retailer or wholesaler website