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Hello, Vlad is here! We are Sellerlit, Chicago based agency for Amazon FBA sellers, and we will be happy to navigate you through your Amazon journey and become your personal strategy and mentoring team!

This service includes product research of 3 profitable products for Private Labeling and 1 Fully Optimized Amazon Listing on a selected item.

**Product Research criteria we use:
✅High Margins and Return on Investment (ROI)
✅Low BSR (Best Seller Rank)
✅Low reviews and review rating
✅No legal issues(patents), trendy based on google trends, no glass or breakable
✅No gated or restricted category
✅Easy to manufacture and ship
✅Small/large standard size
✅High Monthly Sales
✅High Demand
✅$20 to $50 price point
✅Can be sourced from overseas

**Amazon Listing Includes:
✅5 Bullet Points
✅Search Terms 
✅List of Keywords 
✅ HTML File

**If you have custom criteria please let us know for your product.

Product Research available for United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

**FREE Bonuses Included:
- Email template to contact suppliers
- Excel Spreadsheet for the supplier to fill in
- List with hacks how to outperform your competition
- List with useful tools for the new and established sellers

**If you buy this service you will receive the following discounts:
- 20% OFF for Supplier Research (Original Price $279)  

If you have additional questions please reach out.

Private labeled products provided
3 private label products
1 revision allowed
Delivery time
Up to 5 days